Choosing A Preschool Questions

Selecting A Preschool: Important Questions To Ask 

  • How will this school help my child and my family transition into a preschool setting? 
  • How do you help children when they are missing their parents? 
  • How does this school create a sense of community for families? 
  • How does this school involve parents in their child's preschool experience? 
  • How do you select your teachers? 
  • What is your approach to balancing academics, social skill development, and emotional growth? 
  • Does the school require my child to be potty trained? How will you work with us to support this goal? 
  • What is the class size and the reasoning behind it? How many students per teacher? 
  • How is your preschool day structured for the children? How are children prepared for changes in routine? 
  • Who will be involved in my child's day at school? 
  • Are creative arts such as music, visual arts, and movement incorporated into the program? 
  • Will my child interact with the same core group of children each day to build community and trust? 
  • Does your program have connected or alternating days, and why? 
  • How do you deal with conflicts between children? 
  • Will this school offer counseling and support to meet my family's changing needs throughout the school year? 
  • How are birthdays celebrated? 
  • Are holidays celebrated at this school? 
  • How do you help children understand difference between children, culturally or otherwise?