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Section V.  Policies




Allen Creek welcomes children from all ethnic, racial, religious, and national backgrounds and diverse family structures. Our school is accessible to children and adults.





Program Evaluation


At Allen Creek we want to understand in quantitative and qualitative ways how effective our school is in helping children and parents in their development. To improve Allen Creek’s programs, we need to find out what works, what lasts, what matters – to each group in the school.  Our service-driven research is designed to benefit all members of the Allen Creek community. We do not make our students or their families available as subjects for research conducted by professionals outside Allen Creek.


Parents are asked twice a year to anonymously fill out a program survey online. Teachers fill out Devereux Early Childhood Assessments at the beginning and end of the year.


We make every effort to respect and protect the privacy of families by grouping data, collecting information anonymously, and using numbers rather than names, whenever possible. Allen Creek plays a significant role in spreading understanding of the importance of early relationships to others who work with children locally, nationally and internationally. Professional presentations by Allen Creek researchers protect privacy by disguising vignettes. Conference attendees are always instructed to respect confidentiality.

We are a small school and many classes have both parents and children in attendance. Therefore no write-ups containing vignettes or observations that might be recognizable to those concerned, even if disguised, have yet been published. After the passage of some years, papers may be published with appropriate and conventional professional privacy protections.

All evaluation methods are submitted to Allen Creek’s Research Advisory Board, acting as a Human Subjects’ Review, to monitor these methodological safeguards.


Over the years there have been several different projects, including a day description, initially made by individual family consultants, later by parents; a twice-yearly program evaluation survey; twice-yearly developmental checklists for children filled out by teachers. Plans are being made for a long-term impact study that follows the later development of Allen Creek families, now that we have alumni moving through later levels of school. We have begun qualitative research on different aspects of parenting by occasionally choosing an annual topic for study. Topics in past years have included separation, sleep and parents’ worries. We communicate about the research and our findings -- to parents through the Newsletter; to teachers and to family consultants at meetings and through professional presentations.

Any questions or concerns about Allen Creek research may be addressed to Jack Novick, Ph.D, a Family Consultant, who is Chair of Allen Creek’s Research Committee.