History 2007-Present

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  • The school's 5's class is established, along with an afternoon preschool class. Imagining the Arts is added, an innovative afternoon arts program for elementary school-aged children.
  • Our second “Dining 4 Kids” fundraising event raises $30,000 for scholarships and operating expenses, and the “Working Together for Good Beginnings” endowment campaign passes halfway mark, and a year later reaches $1,200,000. A year later, school staff begin to provide a drop-in parenting resource room to low-income area residents at Peace Neighborhood with a grant from Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation.
  • The school earns re-accreditation from the Alliance for Psychoanalytic Schools.
  • In 2009, planning begins for building and grounds expansion involving the newly acquired, adjacent, 1515 Franklin Street. The house is removed in 2013 and landscaped for developing a unique natural area, play-space, and outdoor classroom.
  • 2013 saw the restructuring of the school's administration, retooling of the website, and a push to cement Allen Creek as a model of early childhood education. Teacher salaries were raised and ensured a long term community of professional educators.