Allen Creek Preschool Class Schedules & Tuition


Parent-Toddler(2016-2017 To be determined based on Family Need)

Transitional Toddler: Tuesday & Thursday9:30 to 11:30

Junior Preschool: Monday to Thursday 9:15 to Noon

Senior Preschool 4 Day: Monday to Thursday 9 to 12:15 with a Friday Option.

Senior Preschool 5 Day: Monday to Friday 9 to 12:30

Imagining the Arts*: Wednesday and Thursday Sessions 4 to 5:30

My daughter started at Allen Creek this year. I am so grateful for the kind attention to the children and the parents. Decisions are made with conscientious foresight and a clear desire to give the best to the children. I’m happy (and relieved!) my daughter gets to start school in such a gentle way. The classroom is calm and fun and filled with opportunities for the kids to learn, play and express themselves. At the same time, Allen Creek builds community among the parents and supports the parent-child relationship in a real and tangible way ... Thank you to the creative people who make up this truly unique school!
— Andrea Hill, Allen Creek Alumni Parent

2016-2017 Tuition

Parent-Toddler: $100/month ($1000)

Transitional Toddler: $325/month ($3250)

Junior Preschool: $660/month ($6600)

Senior Preschool 4 Day: $720/month ($7200)

Senior Preschool 5 Day: $825/month ($8250)

Imagining the Arts: $150/month ($1500)


2017- 2018 enrollment has begun - please contact us for more information