Ice Cream Social Honoring Michelle Graves

Ice Cream Social honoring the teaching contributions of Michelle Graves

June 3rd 2018 

Allen Creek Preschool - Franklin Yard

(pictures coming soon!)


As an early childhood educator before coming to Allen Creek, Michelle worked as an education consultant for the High/Scope Foundation. During her 22-year stay at High/Scope she traveled extensively throughout the United States leading training workshops, presenting at national conferences, observing and giving feedback to teachers in a variety of classroom settings, and authoring several books and articles.

Michelle  joined the Allen Creek staff in 2002.  Her interest in children comes from deep within, and she has always been committed to their emotional and physical safety and to developing genuine relationships with them based on mutual respect. During her fifteen year tenure at Allen Creek, Michelle worked as a teacher, educational director and director of admissions.  She has nurtured and taught countless children and cultivated genuine and lasting relationships with families. She is enjoying retirement in Ann Arbor by spending time with her family and exploring new outdoor spaces. She relishes the days when she runs into children and families around town.


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