Blog: Nurturing Children Together

Machines Project: Part III

 For the culminating stage of our machines project,  the children planned, then built, a model of a machine with scrap materials such as boxes, buttons, and tubes.  Some children stayed with the candy factory idea.  Others are moved on to ideas from their own imagination, or twists on appliances or known machines.  First, the teachers sat down with each small group and showed them the materials we could use to build our model machines.  Then, the children brainstormed ideas with the group.  They talked about parts of the candy factory, machines they enjoyed using or seeing used at home, and machines that they imagined.  The ideas that came out of this were amazing!  The children then moved to the tables and drew what they thought their machine would look like.  The teachers were there for guidance if they got stuck.  Each child then dictated the parts of their plan to the teacher, including what materials they thought they would use.  In their next project time session, the teachers had all of the materials laid out, along with adhesives like masking tape and tacky glue.  The children followed their plans for two project time sessions (about 30 minutes) and built their machines with help from the teachers and each other!  The children were very proud of what they came up with and constructed.  Many of them took their final machine home and played with it with their family, or put it on display.  Below you will see each plan and the machine that was constructed from the plan.  This was a wonderful project for the class.  We are excited to see what projects our class will move on to in the new year!  - Senior Preschool teachers Ms. Trisha MIller and Mrs. Lorna Rankin