Allen Creek Preschool Family Consultant Program/Parents

Family Consultants

A family consultant observes weekly in each classroom, and meets weekly to collaborate with the teacher group. Parents, teachers and family consultants collaborate and grow together as they learn ways to best understand and support the healthy development of children.

PARENT GROUP MEETINGS -  The Parent Group meetings are an integral part of the Allen Creek program, where parents can talk about all issues concerning parenting and child development, and they become a support network for each other. Allen Creek Family Consultants don’t tell parents the “right way” to do things; rather, they work in Parent Groups to create a space for parents to discover their own values and goals in raising their children. The Family Consultants offer support and expertise in the wide range of normally expected development of the child within the context of his or her family.

Sharing with other parents and drawing on the expertise of Family Consultants, Allen Creek parents develop confidence in their parenting. They learn skills of relating to teachers and advocating for their children that are applicable throughout their children’s school years.These meetings take place twice a month with all the parents of a particular classroom.

PARENT CONFERENCES - Family consultants partner with teachers to prepare feedback for parents during parent conferences twice a year; in addition, at least one Consultant attends the conferences. Additional team meetings with teachers and family consultants can be arranged if parents have any concerns or questions.

CONSULTATIONS - Family consultants are available to parents in their child’s classroom for three individual consultations at no cost as needed. They are also available for email or telephone exchanges if parents have specific questions.

The Parent Group Wednesday night meetings have been invaluable to our family. They have helped me become a better parent and a better listener, as well as more patient with everyone. I have received guidance from the Family Consultants that I wouldn’t have sought out otherwise. Maybe even more importantly, the support between parents during the meetings inspires me and reminds me that my 4 year old isn’t the only one going through a certain stage. We draw strength from each other and learn from each other’s experiences. I am so thankful for this program!
— Sara Robins, Parent