Allen Creek Preschool Classes

Junior and Senior Preschool

Allen Creek offers preschool classes for 3 and 4 year old children.  Allen Creek's preschool programs build on each child's experience of a widening world to nurture social, academic, motor, creative and personal skills. A small class size (6:1 ratio) with two classroom teachers and a creative arts specialist allows for an individualized learning experience. A gradual separation process promotes comfortable independence in a secure, loving environment. The Junior Preschool class is designed for children aged 3 and the Senior Preschool class for children aged 4.

Each class has Family Consultants and our Child Development Director as expert resources about child development. Parents meet as a group two Wednesday evenings per month with the Family Consultants, who also observe in the classroom and meet weekly with teachers. Children and parents at Allen Creek are encouraged to separate at their own pace, supported by teachers and Family Consultants. 

Preschool Program Goals

Pleasure and Pride in Learning

  • Confidence in trying hard and in seeking help when needed
  • Ability to learn from teachers
  • Increased social skills with children and adults
  • Growth in self-care skills
  • Mastering feelings
  • Preparation to thrive socially and academically in elementary school 

Goals for Parents in the Preschool Programs

  • Teamwork with teachers
  • Enjoyment of child's independent learning
  • Increased understanding of developmental processes
  • Greater satisfaction and feeling of effectiveness as a parent


We could not be more grateful that we found Allen Creek for our son. The developmental leaps he has made since attending (3’s and 4’s programs) have been astounding. The parent groups and the support from the family consultants are invaluable. We feel so much more confident as parents and are amazed at how well our 4 year-old can express his feelings, work to resolve conflict and act with compassion.
— Becky Winkler and Binod Dhakal, Alumni Parents
While our daughter did very well academically and socially, she was still having issues with separation. It was important to us to be in a place that was not only sensitive to this kind of issue, but that could help us to continue to work with her to resolve it in a healthy way.
— Maggie and Mike Marcantonio