Summer@Allen Creek 2017

Summer @ Allen Creek 2017 Schedule

Camps for 3-4 & 4-5 Year Olds

We have spent the fall and winter thinking carefully about Summer@Allen Creek and made some exciting changes for 2017. We shifted the age range for participants in order to make the program more developmentally appropriate and to ease the transition from preschool classes. The younger camp is designed for children entering our Preschool 4's program (or turning 4 in 2017) and the older camp for children leaving either of our Senior Preschool programs (or turning 5 in 2017).

Secondly, this year we are emphasizing that Summer is all about fun and a relaxed, outdoor experience with predictable routines and relationships. Each two week session will see the children engaged in the following kinds of activities, building on their own interests and ideas:

  • Art studio both inside and outside;
  • Water play and exploration in all camps;
  • Investigation of the rhythms of life and nature;
  • Gardening and plant tending;
  • Reading and stories;
  • Music, rhythm, and movement.

Camp sessions will run the following weeks:

  1. June 19 – 29  Session One
  2. July 3 – 13  Session Two*

*This camp runs Monday and then Wednesday -Friday the week of July 3.

Summer@Allen Creek Registration Forms

Class Size and Cancellation Policy

Class size is limited to 12 students with 2 teachers. If enrollment is too low to hold a camp for a particular week, we will notify registered families by May 15 and mail refunds thereafter.

Allen Creek Preschool is a great place, Summer and Winter. For more about the Allen Creek and the environment, click here

A Special Session for Allen Creek's Transitional Toddlers

June 19-29

This camp is specifically designed for children entering Allen Creek's Junior Preschool Class. Those children finishing the Transitional Toddler class will find this a natural extension of the routines and teachers they were with throughout the year and an opportunity to meet some of the children joining the group in the fall. Long transition times for parents and children will be part of the program