Supporting Allen Creek

Supporting Allen Creek Preschool

Individuals and businesses can support Allen Creek Preschool in a number of important ways, through our Annual Appeal, Dining 4 Kids (our Spring Dinner and Auction), Individual fund-raising events (like the Paesano's Dinner and Movie Night), or through direct donations at any time. You can donate to Allen Creek through the mail or online. However you support the school, we appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity!

Annual Appeal 2017-18

R. Berry 2 for 1 New Donor Challenge

If you are a new donor, Robert Berry, a long time supported of the school has pledged a 2:1 match for up to $2000 in donations from you! This means that for every dollar you pledge, an additional $2 will be donated to the school. Donate below!

Current Family Challenge

If you are a current family, then please consider making a donation of ANY size. An anonymous donor has pledged to give $100 for every 10% of current families who make a donation. That could mean an additional $1000 for the school. Donate below!

Previous Benefit Events