Allen Creek Preschool Thoughtful Parenting Series

The Thoughtful Parenting Series is a unique series of free, public workshops and discussions hosted by Allen Creek Preschool throughout the year. They gather experts together with parents for wide-ranging conversations on topics relevant to parents and care-givers. Please join us at the school for our events. Each Workshop ius followed by a meeting for parents of current Allen Creek families.

2017-18 Presentations

September 20 Talking With Children About Adult Topics: Traumatic Events

Nicole Buller, MSW

Safety is a fundamental human need for wellbeing. Traumatic experiences (accidents, natural disasters, acts of violence, terrorism) shatter our sense of safety and evoke helplessness, fear, confusion, and overwhelm. In times of crisis, parents face the difficult challenge of carrying out caregiving responsibilities while wrestling with their own distress. When bad things happen, it is understandable parents might wish for their children to be insulated from knowing what is going on. Preschoolers, while not psychologically sophisticated enough to understand many implications of a disaster or acts of violence, are very keen observers and notice much more than we realize. This Thoughtful Parenting conversation will explore age-appropriate ways to talk with children about the reality of what seems like an ever-increasing incidence of traumatic events. We will discuss how parents and caregivers can access resources to face the stressful, frightening realities of our world while offering reassurance and protection to children.

October 25 Talking with your kids about S-E- X: Helping your child develop and take ownership of their sexual identity

Corie Gould, PsyD

This discussion will cover what sexuality looks like in early childhood and provide tips for parents about ways they can foster a strong foundation for their child’s sexual identity. We will talk about ways to create a space for understanding and curiosity around this facet of development that is too often ignored or avoided. The purpose for this conversation will be to help parents approach sexuality in ways that encourage their child to be attuned to their mind and body. As this attunement develops, the child will be better equipped to set and maintain healthy boundaries with others, be more likely to delay engaging in premature sexual activity, and will develop a robust capacity for meaningful and fulfilling romantic relationships when the time comes.

November 15 Kindergarten Readiness

Will Purves, Executive Director & Alumni Parents

January 17 Understanding and Coping with Anger and Aggression in Young Children. 

Ellen Grosh, MD

We will discuss angry feelings and aggressive behaviors in the context of normal development and think about strategies for helping children cope with their angry feelings in constructive ways.

Ellen Grosh, MD is a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist in private practice in Ann Arbor.  She was an Allen Creek Family Consultant from 2009 to 2016.






The Thoughtful Parenting and Family Consultant programs are integral parts of Allen Creek's mission, approach, and outreach. Coordinated by our Child Development Director, family consultants work with all members of the community. Follow this link for descriptions of previous Thoughtful Parenting Presentations.

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