Allen Creek Greenspace

A commitment to the environment is central at all levels of the school. Our thinking is rooted in considerations about the child's experience in and with the natural world, as well as about the school's energy and environmental footprint. The projects and designs described below reflect both ongoing efforts and long-term planning.

Natural Exploration Area & Gardenspace

With over 16,000 square feet of grass, flower gardens, trees and swale, this newest addition is very exciting. We planted hundred of native perennials in 2013 and envision quiet space, areas for interactive play, and room to run.

Rain Garden

Our rain garden collects storm water and other run-off, fosters a wet garden, and feeds directly into one of the largest rain gardens on Miller Road, itself one of the biggest rain garden projects in Michigan.

Efficient Lighting

Goodbye Fluorescent tubes! We just installed LED lighting throughout the building. Directed by our Board, this upgrade cuts our energy costs, eliminates flicker and buzz, and provides illumination close to natural light.

Bird Feeders, Fruit Trees, and Friendly Plantings

'Feed the Birds!' We fill feeders through the winter and design plantings for birds, butterflies and other insects, as well as apples and quince for families and other animals!

Bright Classrooms & Access to the Outdoors

With skylights in the building's core, an airy, open feel, and windows at children's heights, the school is designed to let in light and give children access to one of our two developmentally appropriate playgrounds.

Community Days Dedicated to the Outdoors

Twice a year the school and our Parent Council hold outdoor work and clean-up days for our current families. In many ways, these bookend the school's other community building events.