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Current Families

Preschool Classes

Preschool Program Goals

Yellow Room: Monday-Thursday 9:15-12:15pm
Green Room: Monday-Thursday 9:30-12:30pm
Red Room: Monday-Thursday 9:15-12:30pm
Extension Programs (available for children in Green and Red Rooms): Wednesday and Thursday until 2:00pm

We help children find pleasure and pride in learning.

Skills we look to give our preschoolers:

  • Confidence in trying hard and in seeking help when needed
  • Ability to learn from teachers
  • Increased social competence with children and adults
  • Growth in self-care skills
  • Mastering feelings
  • Preparation to thrive socially and academically in elementary school

Goals for parents in the Preschool Programs:

  • Teamwork with teachers
  • Enjoyment of child’s independent learning
  • Increased understanding of developmental processes
  • Greater satisfaction and feeling of effectiveness as a parent
“We could not be more grateful that we found Allen Creek for our son. The developmental leaps he has made since attending (3’s and 4’s programs) have been astounding. The parent groups and the support from the family consultants are invaluable. We feel so much more confident as parents and are amazed at how well our 4 year-old can express his feelings, work to resolve conflict and act with compassion.”

Becky Winkler and Binod Dhakal
Alumni Parents

“When I think about the school, the word that comes to mind is community. It gives such specialized attention to each and every student while also making each student and their parents feel part of a larger community.”

Lauren Wisniewski
Alumni Parent and Board Member

Allen Creek Preschool building

Family Consultants and Parents

The Family Consultant component is a unique resource to the Allen Creek community, available at no other area preschool, and is provided at no additional cost. Family Consultants are professionals with a specialization in child development – psychoanalysts, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers – who are resources for Allen Creek families.

Through weekly observations in the classroom, discussions with teachers, in-service meetings, individual parent meetings, and conferences, our family consultants support both teachers and parents in understanding each child’s growth. Parents, teachers, family consultants and children form a circle of community. Their collaboration is part of what makes Allen Creek exceptional among preschools.