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Education meets care.

Our Reggio Emilia-inspired, emergent curriculum arises in response to the children we teach and our overall classroom community. Our curriculum builds on children’s and teacher’s interests, as well as the developmental tasks at hand. We are steadily engaging with child development research and working with parents, children, and our broader community to build programs that are well attuned to the current climate.

Each child has their own unique needs, interests, and ways of being. Our small class sizes and low child: teacher ratio allow us to support learning on a highly individualized basis. We provide the materials, opportunities, and, importantly, the time needed to give children plenty of agency in their own learning. We view our physical space and materials as essential components of creating a healthy dialogue between classroom community members.

Overall, collaboration is key. We have an Allen Creek song which states “we are all a family under one sky.” The cooperative energy and growth between children, parents, teachers and family consultants lies at the heart of all we do.

children playing at a light table