Allen Creek Preschool started in the early 1990's when a group of professional associates and friends began work on conceptualizing and organizing the non-profit, program, goals, mission, and school. The Allen Creek community is very grateful and indebted to these individuals who contributed time and funds to start the school.


Mission & Philosophy


Ramelle Alexander, M.A.

Carol Austad, M.D.

Eric Austad, M.D.

Joan W. Blos

Peter Blos, Jr., M.D.

B.K. Campbell, Ph.D.

Ira Konigsberg, Ph.D.

Nancy Konigsberg, M.S.W.

Jack Novick, Ph.D.

Kerry Kelly Novick

Ivan Sherick, Ph.D.

Judith Sherick, M.A.

Donald Silver, M.D.

Robert Tisch

Rebecca Tisch, M.D.

Jane Warren, Ph.D.

Phillip Warren, D.D.S.