Allen Creek Preschool Teaching Staff

Our Teachers

The teaching staff at Allen Creek is as varied and unique as the children in our classrooms. As a group, they have over 100 years of experience working with young children. We value a range of qualities when hiring staff who work directly with children.

Meet our Current Teaching Staff

Ways our Staff Creates Community

Our teachers have:

  • A genuine interest in developing relationships with children, based on knowledge of child development and the ability to weave the interests and ideas of children into the daily curriculum.

  • A sensitivity to parents and to the challenges and joys that come with entrusting children to our care.

  • A commitment to working together in a collaborative approach to education. We expect teachers to be willing to listen to other teachers, parents, family consultants and children, and to contribute their own ideas and opinions during our staff meetings.

  • A background of training and experience with children and parents from different backgrounds and with diverse family structures.

  • A willingness and desire to learning and growing personally and professionally, including continuing their education by attending our in-house seminars and staff discussions, as well as pursuing educational training outside Allen Creek.

  • A bachelors degree or equivalent training or experience.