Family Consultant Program and Teachers

Family Consultants and Teachers

CLASSROOM OBSERVATIONS - Family Consultants observe in their assigned classroom at a regular time weekly. These observations help the Consultants to know the children and social dynamics of a class.With this familiarity, the Consultants are able to be active resources for the teachers in making the best use of classroom dynamics and curriculum offerings for social and academic learning.

CLASSROOM WEEKLY TEAM MEETINGS - Family Consultants and teachers meet weekly to discuss topical early childhood development issues relevant to their specific classroom.

WEEKLY STAFF MEETINGS - All the Family Consultants and Teachers meet weekly as a full staff to discuss together how the classroom offerings are meeting the needs of each group. Focusing on a different group each week, the staff gains perspective on the developmental pathways of change as the children grow and how to make the curriculum responsive to these changes.

WEEKLY IN-SERVICE MEETINGS - Various Family Consultants provide the teachers with regular in-service meetings to discuss specific topics of early childhood development. Allen Creek teachers identify these seminars as unique learning tools.

FAMILY CONSULTANT DEVELOPMENT MEETINGS - The Family Consultants meet regularly as a team. During these meetings, they discuss a range of topics from the latest research on child development to a theme (such as separation) that they follow through the ages of each classroom to engage with feedback from teachers and parents. Family Consultants draw upon the ideas generated in these discussions to help parents and teachers bring increased insight and understanding to their interactions with children.

The family consultants have enriched my teaching life immeasurably. Their years of experience in child development have informed every aspect of my role. I am inspired, affirmed, guided and encouraged as a teacher and as a human being deeply involved in the creative process. Feedback is generous, immediate and compelling. The in-services both intrigue and educate. Our Friday meetings provide an open forum where the needs of the children and their families take a place of prominence and our voices are all heard and acknowledged. The unique environment at Allen Creek is all that I could wish for as a teacher.
— Lesley Criscenti, Allen Creek Creative Arts Teacher since 2007
My teaching experience at Allen Creek has been greatly enhanced by the valuable information the family consultants share about the inner world of children. Their refreshing and informed perspective has improved my understanding of, and my interactions with children and their parents. As an added bonus their insights have helped me become a better parent to my two teen aged sons.
— Michelle Graves, Allen Creek Teacher 2002-2017