Allen Creek Preschool Family Consultants

Family Consultants

The Family Consultant component is a unique resource to the Allen Creek community, available at no other area  preschool, and is provided at no additional cost.

Family Consultants are volunteers with professions and specialization in child development – psychoanalysts, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers – who are resources for Allen Creek families. Through weekly observations in the classroom, discussions with teachers, in-service meetings, conferences, and twice monthly Parent Group meetings, your family consultants support both teachers and parents in understanding your child’s growth.

Parents, teachers, family consultants and children form a circle of community. Their collaboration is part of what makes Allen Creek exceptional among preschools.

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My child loved school, loved the way she felt at school, loved what she was learning and how she was learning it ... Parents, meanwhile, formed a community, too, as a result of our twice-monthly Wednesday night meetings. At these meetings, which were led by child psychologists, we talked about the challenges and joys of parenting.
— Cathy Weinert