Allen Creek Preschool Toddler & Parent Programs

Parent-Toddler Transitional Classes

We are offering two Transitional Toddler Classes for the 2017-18 school year. One class is designed for children turning 2 during the first part of the school year, and the other for those older (already two at the start of the school year). Both classes offer the opportunity for parents to work on the separation process in a supported fashion, gradually leaving the classroom as they and the child are ready.

The Goals of Allen Creek's Parent-Toddler Programs include:

  • Pleasure in the mastery of everyday school and self-care routines
  • Enjoyment in learning, playing, creating, cooperating, and socializing
  • Using words to understand and manage feelings
  • Experiences of success, building self-esteem for parent and toddler
  • Parental understanding of the developmental process
  • Increased parental satisfaction in assisting the child's intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth
  • Preparation for preschool

Family & School Partnership

Experienced teachers provide interesting and age-appropriate activities for a small group of parents and toddlers. Parents and toddlers spend this special time together in a school environment that facilitates mutual understanding and pleasure in mastery. Each class in Allen Creek's Parent-Toddler Program has a Family Consultant as a resource regarding child development. Parents, teachers, and Family Consultants work together to provide an optimal school experience for each individual child and family.