Allen Creek Preschool Food Allergy Information

Taking your child to school is an important family milestone. For families whose children have food allergies, often severe, this first foray into a more public space can be a very big step. At Allen Creek, we have over the years cared for the needs of children with an extensive list of food allergies. Food items containing ingredients that might trigger anaphylactic reactions in any of our students are not allowed in our classrooms or common areas. Our snack offerings are interesting, appealing, nutritious, and safe for all the children. El Harissa, a neighbor and Middle Eastern market and restaurant, supplies our fruits and vegetables. They purchase organic vegetables and fruits as often as possible and we offer them on a daily basis with healthy, 'crunchy', choices. The school offers filtered water for drinking.

At the beginning of each school year, we provide more detailed information about safe food choices for snacks or lunches. Many thanks for your efforts in helping to make Allen Creek a healthy environment for all our families