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Family Resources

Clothing, Snack & Lunch


On the first day of school please bring a complete change of washable clothes (including socks and underwear) labeled with your child’s name in a large Ziploc bag. Please remember to replace soiled clothing and update both seasonally and for growth.

Clothing suitable for outdoor play is needed each day, even in winter. We play outside unless the weather is severe, it is raining too hard, or it is below 20 degrees (including wind chill).

Art projects and outdoor play will sometimes result in soiled or wet clothing. Please send your child to school in clothes that are all right to get dirty.

Snack & Lunch

Every day children are offered a nutritious snack. Special dietary needs will be accommodated according to the instructions of the child’s parents and physician. Each class offers families opportunities to contribute snacks.

Allen Creek provides an allergen-aware environment to meet the health needs of our families. A list of excluded foods is posted on our front door. Details of any specific allergy concerns in your child’s class will be discussed at parent orientation before school starts.

Lunch guidelines for classes that eat lunch at school will be detailed during orientation.

Parents are invited to contribute vegetables and fruits for snack time—sign up sheets are posted outside the classrooms. For birthdays or other special occasions, please discuss plans with your child’s teacher in advance.