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Family Resources

Pick-Up, Drop-Off & Parking

Drop Off at School

We encourage each care-giver to come into the building to drop off their child in order to ensure that each child arrives in their classroom safely and that any messages or information is delivered to one of the child’s teachers. Arriving 5 minutes ahead of when class starts is a good guideline, but each child and family has their own process and speed!

Picking up from School

For your child’s safety, only an authorized adult may pick up your child. Written authorization (NOT VERBAL) must be provided to the office, either on the child information card, or in a signed dated note submitted to the office. If we do not have your authorization in writing, your child will stay at school with a staff member until an authorized adult arrives. For your child’s safety, any authorized person picking up for the first time will be required to show photo ID.

Parking and Playground

We rely upon parents to ensure children’s safety in the parking lot at all times. Parents are asked to bring their children into the classroom each day and to come into school at pick-up time. It is not safe to leave younger children unattended in the car in the parking lot, even briefly. Children may not leave the building unless accompanied by an authorized adult. For safety, please do not allow your child to play in the shrubbery along the sidewalk. Children may not play in the playground unsupervised.

Our parking lot is small; staggered class times allow for everyone to drop off and pick up when parents exit promptly – we appreciate your help in doing so. Overflow parking is always available around the corner at the Korean United Methodist Church on Franklin Street, and on Franklin Street itself.