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First Weeks at Allen Creek

First Weeks at Allen Creek

Starting school for the first time or coming back for a new year can be a time of excitement, stress, enthusiasm, and anxiety, often all mixed up together. Your classroom teachers are highly experienced and are a great resource when navigating this transition.


Please fill out all forms and return them as soon as possible. According to State of Michigan licensing regulations children cannot legally start school without a health appraisal and an emergency card on file in the office.

The First Week for Preschool Classes

Allen Creek aims to make the transition from home to school a successful one. Each parent-child pair is different and separates at his or her own pace. Some children take more time to separate, others less. Specific plans for each class during the first week of school will be discussed at parent orientation.

Parent Waiting Room

The parent waiting room is for parents when they want to be available for their children in the building. Please resist the urge to look through the windows into your child’s classroom or playground space, as this can be disruptive to your child or others in the class. When your child communicates a need to check in with you we will bring him/her to you. We also welcome toddler parents with babies to use this space for their baby and a caregiver while in class with their toddler.