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Family Resources

Illness and Absences


Let us know as soon as possible when your child will be late or absent, for any reason, so teachers can take the absence into account and let the other children know. If you are taking a vacation or trip while school is in session, please notify teachers and administrators as far in advance as possible.

Call: 734-994-3382
Email your child’s teaching team or [email protected]


Illness at Home

A child should not come to school when ill and unable to benefit from the day. It is often difficult to tell how ill a small child is, especially before s/he can tell you in words what s/he is feeling. Allen Creek’s guidelines for making this decision include:

  • A child with a fever (101° or higher) should stay home for 24 hours after the fever has subsided.
  • Typical symptoms of illness are: sudden onset of rash or skin eruptions, yellow or greenish drainage from the nose (allergic discharge is clear and may persist), wet or hacking cough, vomiting or diarrhea, excessive or unusual tiredness, inexplicable change from child’s normal “feeling good” level of energy or mood. Please wait 24 hours after symptoms have subsided before resuming a normal school routine.

If a child seems too sick to participate in ordinary routines, check with your pediatrician before school attendance is resumed. Health regulations require that communicable diseases and conditions, such as strep throat, conjunctivitis, lice, etc., must be reported to the school so that other parents may be notified. This is important to prevent further infection.


Medication sent to school must be accompanied by a physician’s note. All medication must remain in the original container bearing a label showing the prescription number, name of the medication, date filled, physician’s and child’s names, and directions for dosage. Epi-pens should be kept up-to-date.

Please inform the school before the start of the year of any allergies or special medical needs. (Please also see the page on snacks.)

Illness at School

Your child’s teacher will report all accidents or changes in your child’s health. If your child has any injury to the head or face, you will be notified immediately so that you may decide whether to come to school.

If an illness or emergency arises at school, we will contact you and ask that you pick up your child promptly. A staff member will stay with your child until your child is picked up.

If your child seems very ill and we are unable to contact you or others you have listed for an emergency, we will call your pediatrician. In a serious emergency, we will call emergency services. Should emergency procedures be necessary, a staff member will remain with your child until you or a designated substitute arrives.

It is extremely important for your child’s safety to update the school with any changes in your phone number, emergency numbers, and other pertinent information.